Monday, 5 November 2012

H2H Awakens

Those of you who followed this year's H2H ride may be wondering what happened to the 19 intrepid riders who were taking part, as the posts simply ended at day 22. I assure you, we did not 'go native' and run off into the jungle or get wiped out by a rampaging bus driver. We made it back to Saigon on schedule and in one piece, and since the ride ended a number of participants have scattered to various corners of the globe. I guess we just got lazy with finishing off the ride-related posts as we gorged on food after returning to Saigon. What we weren't lazy about, however, was fundraising - we raised an astonishing $46,000 for charity, so a massive thank you goes out to everyone who donated. H2H is now gearing up for its fourth year - the next ride will take place in April of 2013, and we already have a team forming and fundraising should begin by the end of this month.

Personally, I can't wait to do this again. I missed the final five days of the last ride thanks to pulled quads (except for a horrifically painful last mile from the zoo to the Reunification Palace), and resolved right then to do it again, and do the whole damn thing this time. Hard to believe it's just 5 months until H2H rides again.  Keep an eye on this page!


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