Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Day 22: Lien Son to Lam Ha

After a nice easy day riding after some r and r by a skinny dipped pool, the onslaught of Evil Bitch Day #3 began. For a good 60km the road was fine and undulating (just like Tin's hips), pleasant rises and exhilarating descents. After some dramatic passport madness where some losses of translation made for a very frustrated Iowan, whose passport was never even lost we stopped for lunch minus one Joe Piechura who with balls of steel started the ascent of 850m of climbing over a length of 30km on his own after missing the lunch stop.

The road was horrific and the sun was beating down hard but we grinned and bore it, ploughing hard through gravel and debris, fearful for our already broken bicycles.

After climbing for about 10km over these roads we were almost tricked into believing we were on the downhill as the hill plateaued for a wee while and some snaking downhills let us soak up some gorgeous views and some respite for aching quads and calfs.

Another climb (bore) had thankfully better roads so going wasn't too bad and the final flourish to the finish line was a great stretch down through probably the longest town in Vietnam until finally reaching our hotel, and the creepy stuffed wolverine that met us.

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