The New Route

As of 2015 H2H is using a new route, which clocks in at almost exactly 2,000 km. Each day is an active hyperlink to Map My Ride.

Day 1: Hanoi to Cho Ben (74km)
Day 2: Cho Ben to Cam Thuy (86km)
Day 3: Cam Thuy to Yen Cat (72km)
Day 4: Yen Cat to Tan Ky (91km)
Day 5: Tan Ky to Pho Chau (90km)
Day 6: Pho Chau to Huong Khe (54km)
Day 7: Huong Khe to Quy Dat (70km)
Day 8: Quy Dat to Dong Hoi (114km)
Day 9: Dong Hoi to Cam Lo (106km)
Day 10: Cam Lo to Hue (78km)
Day 11: Rest day 1
Day 12: Hue to A Luoi (73km)
Day 13: A Luoi to P'Rao (105km)
Day 14: P'Rao to Thanh My (51km)
Day 15: Thanh My to Kham Duc (57km)
Day 16: Rest day 2
Day 17: Kham Duc to Plei Can (104km)
Day 18: Plei Can to Kon Tum (60km)
Day 19: Kon Tum to Pleiku (49km)
Day 20: Pleiku to Ea Drang (100km)
Day 21: Ea Drang to Buon Me Thuot (76km)
Day 22: Rest day 3
Day 23: Buon Me Thuot to Lien Son (49km)
Day 24: Lien Son to Lam Ha (100km)
Day 25: Lam Ha to Bao Loc (103km)
Day 26: Bao Loc to Gia Kiem (110km)
Day 27: Gia Kiem to Ho Chi Minh City (78km)
TOTAL: 2,002km

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