Monday, 11 October 2010

Sweaty days, rainy days

Dirt lines. We're hardcore.

Biked about 57-58 miles Friday morning. It was the first time I'd done three laps on Nguyen Van Linh parkway. We'd ditched the dreaded Highway 1 route (Hwy. 1 is Vietnam's main highway and runs all the way from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh. We could take that route and complete the ride in 2-3 weeks but we wouldn't see anything of note and we'd be doing more harm than benefit to our lungs.) Anyway, we started riding at 8:30 but by 11 the heat was stifling. My eyes burned from the smog, dirt and sweat. Made it up every bridge without changing from the highest gear until the last one. I had nothing left. My neck and back ached. Had some sweet tan lines from the city’s filth. Took an ibuprofen, a shower and promptly collapsed in involuntary exhaustion for an hour. I was fine a bit later, but the nap was necessary.
We've been washed out of training rides for a couple days as the rain keeps coming down. It's been about 24 hours straight now. Just as long as it gets it all out of the way before next month...

Happy bikers!

Jeff's sweet skids.

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