Sunday, 26 September 2010

Five week countdown!

Makin' it happen.

Five weeks from today, the second annual H2H juggernaut -- this year comprised of 20 riders -- will leave the Hanoi stables.
We're currently working it in the gym on the streets of Ho Chi Minh. Last week, seven of us did a double loop down the Nguyen Van Linh parkway and today six of us joined in. The double loop is about 65 kilometers, or 40 miles.
As always, the route is anything but dull as the unexpected keeps things fresh. Last week, we incurred two flat tires (or the same unfortunate rider did to be more exact), some miscommunication, some major cramping, and three riders getting caught in an early afternoon monsoon.

Vietnam is beautiful...just not so much our training route.

This morning, I felt someone touch my arm and rather irritated, turned to look. A man on a motorbike was holding out my red water bottle for me. My irritation immediately dissolved into massive thankfulness at his gesture. Amidst the chaos, there are random acts of kindness to be found!
Fifteen minutes later, I watched Abigail go left around a pedestrian dawdling in the street. I opted to go right. The woman froze and I nearly plowed her over, swerving at the last moment...whew. There's always something.
I seem to be getting even more waves and thumbs up than I'm accustomed to. It could be my sweet ass air guitar and dance moves I like to flex while riding no-handed. The locals seem to dig it. Or maybe I'm giving out more smiles, waves and thumbs up myself feeling refreshed and positive about Vietnam once again after having a nice respite. I'd estimate I got 50 waves and thumbs up today. Not bad for a day's ride!

Abigail and Jess workin' it down the scenic Nguyen Van Linh Parkway.

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  1. Waves, smiles and thumbs-up are great, but do you know what they are not? They're not touches! How many touches? It's like you're using batting average to measure the effectiveness of American league pitchers. Report on a real metric Liedl!