Thursday, 14 October 2010

20 days to Hanoi!!!

Biker chick

The clock is ticking, and there are only twenty days left to get into tip top gazelle like peak physical condition. October has been a great month of training, everyone has really stepped things up. My Goal was to ride four days back-to-back this week, but I am not feeling well today, so a day off and blogging will replace riding this morning. I did my first double loop three weeks ago -- and I struggled!!!!! I think I slept all day recovering from the experience. After a few more tries I have conquered the double loop! I am still scared for the ride, but not as terrified as I was after my first attempt. Tomorrow I will attempt my first triple loop of the parkway which is about 90k.... hopefully i'll live! A few of us are heading up to Dalat Monday night. It will be good practice for the hill section of the ride. More importantly it will let me know a little more about what I am up against. I am expecting to return from the trip with a broken spirit, but that will only be temporary as the excitement is building. We have a great group of riders this year. Riding and spending time with one another for an entire month will be unforgettable. I cant wait to get this show on the road!

Biker dude


  1. Hi all!!

    I was just told about this cycle by a friend from South Africa!

    I am currently cycling north from HCMC!I hope to get to Nha Trang tomorrow!

    I would love love love it if I met you guys somewhere on the road!I haven't had a proper look around the site yet so don't know when you guys set off?

    I must say that while the weather is slowing me up a bit at the moment,I am finding Vietnam to be an absolute gem!!

    Loving it!!


    Have a blast guys I can't wait to read about your journey from afar!


  3. Haha Katie shhhhh! I'm trying to lie to everyone a bit about that whole thing. Hehe.
    "Rickiza" please email us at
    We will be leaving from Hanoi on Nov. 3 so maybe our paths will cross! Happy riding!