Saturday, 15 April 2017

Day 5: Toe Touching and Unbelievable Ukulele-ing

Today started as per usual, with the breaking of fast and stretching. Except for Jimmy who eagerly raced off before any of us had even put on our helmets...!

The ride was pleasant, mostly flat with lots of farmland views on either side. My riding buddy (Eli) and I had plenty of leisurely nuoc mia and photo stops along the way. My favourite pic of the day being from the cheery lady riding her buffalo down the road.

When we rolled into the hotel, everyone seemed in high spirits. Zac was blasting music and generally just standing around looking satisfied. Others of us had a super mega stretching warm down including various rolling and spikey ball things (Grace achieved her life long dream of touching her toes - bravo). Bianca was rockin' it on the ukulele with tunes such as 'we like to move it move it' and some Spanish song we didn't understand. I timidly gave it a go too, trying to remember any song from my terrible memory. Grace ticked ANOTHER thing off the bucket list by learning her first uku song too. Others were gathered around learning a card game called Hearts, one of Eli's fave's.

And then as if spirits couldn't get any higher, an old Vietnamese dude came and joined us, whisked the ukulele off of Jimmy and they gave us a duo performance (Viet guy on the uke and vocals, Jimmy on his various whistly flutey things). Marvellous!

Dinner was expansive and the left-overs were mopped up by a fellow long-distance cyclist and friend, Philip, who also joined us for Monopoly deal (Saigon edition).

At the usual team meeting Zac spiced things up a bit by presenting to us his favourite cycling cream 'Hoo-Ha' - made for women BY women. The photo below sums up his solid and convincing pitch to the team.

-- Rhiannon Marcelo-Ripley

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