Friday, 14 April 2017

Day 4: Yen Cat to Tan Ky

Day 4: Our first 90km day! So many water buffalo!!

Day four presented a big challenge for the team, it was our longest day so far, and was the longest distance some of the riders have ridden to date! 

The day started off with a great breakfast of egg fried noodles and veg with a coffee at the little cafe outside our hotel in Yen Cat. After a much-needed stretch session, we headed out towards Tan Ky. 

As we worked our way up and over the rolling hill with a bit of headwind we were able to enjoy some delightful views over undulating countryside. Around the 50km mark, the team stopped and regrouped for a much needed lunch break!

After lunch, the landscaped flattened out a bit and the wind had died down, the rice patties were amazing and there were plenty of water buffalo out and about. 

We reached our destination in good time and good spirits! After checking in and cleaning ourselves up a bit, we were treated to some music by some of the riders. After a while, an older gentleman came and played some music with us! 

Day 4 has been great! Cannot wait to see what the next few weeks have in store!


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