Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Day 16: Waterfalls, Determination, and Singing

The mountains this morning were soo gorgeous. I felt like I was in munchkin land with solitary lollipop trees each poking up very straight, tall and luscious from the misty hillsides. Oh, the mist! It created a curtain between each hillside, and played with the sunshine, creating all sorts of visual delights which made me stop and stare a few times just to say "WOW".

About half way through the ride, most of the cyclists were gathered together at a roadside waterfall where we drank refreshments, took a dip and generally chatted nonsense. I, unfortunately, died. Ironically I was singing the line 'you can take my breath away' (from the song 'Hero' by the legendary Enrique Iglesias) when Zak slit my throat with an ice cube over a river (via our ongoing game of 'Assassin').

Not too long after having set off, I was stopped by what can apparently only be described as a 'tantrum' (this description was offered by the tantrum-er herself). I wasn't there to witness it, but after flying off her bike due to a rogue waterbottle going under the tire, Deema grabbed her helmet, threw it on the floor and stomped her feet, ADAMANT that this wasn't going to stop her riding.

And she was right! After being consoled by 'teacher mode' Eli, she was ready for the road again. The bike wasn't so lucky and so after lots of trying and tinkering by Hoa, Oli and Khang (and lots of watching and eating peanuts by others...), the bike got put in the van and Deema rode onwards on a different bike.

On the outskirts of town we caught up with everyone in a cafe next to the river with hammocks (my fave). We ate up and everyone rode on to the hotel to get clean. I decided it would be a much better idea not to move and so stayed an extra hour or so napping in hammocks with Becs and Mai - so good.

Back at the hotel, people were starting to gather in Amy and Bianca's room where we played ukulele for ages. Jimmy shared his originals tunes with us, some songs being cuter than others...

All in all I'd say it was an easy-going day, with the delightful stops of the day reigning supreme in my memory.

--Rhiannon Marcelo-Ripley

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