Monday, 17 April 2017

Day 15: Murder, Smiles, and Fat Freddy

Despite a mammoth cycle the day before, our body clocks woke Loan and me up at 5am. We ventured out into the sleepy town of P’rao to locate mangos and coffee for breakfast. Swinging our feet in tandem on a bench, we devoured the juicy yellow-orange slices, watching the mist rise from the mountains surrounding us.
As we were loading our bags, Rhiannon managed to murder Bex with her toothbrush in the van, as per our on-going game of Killer. After mourning her death, group stretching began, with the usual guffaws and laughter from Mr. Cuong, our ever-entertained driver.

With one of the most difficult days behind us, we rode with confidence.  We descended down a winding hill, the sun clearing the sky for us and revealing beautiful lakes and rolling hills. Everyone was smiling ear-to-ear; revelling in the speed, a rollercoaster of twists and turns. 
We stopped at a river to take a dip and sit in some shade before taking on the two climbs that awaited us. The grade 3 and 2 climbs were tough in the heat, with the sun beating down on our backs, but we took it steady and still managed to arrive at Thanh My around midday. Celebratory icy drinks and naps were had before venturing out on a search for food.
Harriet awarded Mr. Sexy Time to Rhiannon for keeping us nimble and bendy with her morning stretching routines. We played with puppies at a restaurant that was overwhelmed by our order, and then headed in for an early night.
 Music that accompanied today’s ride was by Fat Freddy’s Drop,  with ‘Roady’ being a particular favourite.

-- Deema 

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