Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Day 26: 75.58 km from Bao Loc to Gia Kiem

Day 26: 75.58 km from Bao Loc to Gia Kiem

Today was a long but good ride with beautiful scenery but the first 20 minutes of the ride was downhill and too many buses and trucks to stop and take pictures.  The first half of the day was really good with smooth and quiet roads. But, the closer and closer we became to reaching our destination there were lots of trucks, traffic, taxis and motorbikes. We were no longer cycling thru the quiet mountains of Vietnam. 

The highlight today was the last 20K decent into Gia Kiem and we reached the hotel around 2pm.
 Only 1 days to go with 110 km left until we reach our finish line in Saigon.

Having trouble loading pictures. That's not new. Pictures to come. 


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