Sunday, 1 May 2016

Day 25: 105 km from Lam Ha to Bao Loc

        Today was a long ride with very little in the way of scenery. The first half of the day was   horrible with roadwork. The roads were in the process of being built which meant dust bowl, potholes   and many angry trucks divers overtaking on single carriage ways trying to kill cyclists.
The highlight today was the last 20K decent into Bao Loc and we reached the hotel around 2pm.
 Only 2 days to go with 180km left until we reach our finish line in Saigon.

I hope H2H 2017 will enjoy the new smooth roads

Roads are getting better after 50K

View from our hotel - heavy rain right after we arrived

Georgina ended up in a hotel with an adorable chihuahua who wouldn't leave
 her arms and took a nap in her room 

Bao Loc is all about tea, silk and the cultivation of mulberry leaves 

Photos : Georgina & Rachael

Hoa L

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