Sunday, 24 April 2016

Day 19 - Kon Tum to Pleiku (orphanage visit)

In truth an uninspiring leg. The scenery of the mountains is now far behind us. Hammocks are becoming standard issue at our drinks stops and they are so so welcoming but very hard to ease out of when our 'time' is up.

Personally, the thought of the culinary delights awaiting us at the orphange (meat, potatoes, cheese, bread etc) was incentive enough to plough on to our home for the night, which we reached by lunchtime. Far from a memorable day - until the evening . . . . .

In the evening, as has become an H2H tradition, we made a visit to a nearby orphanage which is one of the beneficiaries of H2H. The orphanage is run by a team of nuns who take care of between 60 and 80 children of all ages at any one time. While the nuns served up some great food which we all savoured, the real stars of the day were the kids. It was a great reminder of why we are doing this ride and just how important H2H is. With not a playstation or i-pad in sight, it was endearing to see so many kids utterly enthralled, as some of our riders (notably those with teaching backgrounds), utilised their endless reservoir of games and activities for over 2 hours. Every child took part with beaming smiles and there was a great bond between all of the kids. It's hard for us fortunate souls to imagine what some of these kids have been through, and yet it was wonderful to see such well-behaved, fun-loving children enjoying themselves. It's very apparent that the kids are extremely grateful for what H2H does and as a part of H2H, this evening was a very proud moment.

Mike & Damian Kilroy

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