Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Day 14: What a difference a day makes.

Prao to Thành Mỹ

Yesterday after the hard ride 105km from A Lưới to P’rao under 35-degree heat I was in part of my mind thinking of getting on the van for the next day but today I am back on track. Cycling is great because of quick recovery and the pain you feel on a ride is forgotten the next day.

Traveling around at high speed and you tick off lot of places is common but when you travel by a bicycle you will see and experience far more. And as you ride along, you see all the little details that make up the real world. You see how people live and work. You see trees and animals along the way. You see kids running real fast to you just to say “ hello” or just to give you a high five. And as you pedal past them all, you will know that when you went out to see the world, you really did because you saw it on a bicycle.

After getting in to P’rao last night and taking a nice shower, having a bowl of Mỳ Quảng and a bánh mì ( I know I eat a lot) and getting a good sleep. Today I felt my strength and my mental forced me to came back. Today’s ride had two big climbs and some steep downhills. The roads was a lot easier compared to yesterday but the sun cranked it up to 38 degree and the 52km from P’rao to Thanh My was tough. Even on the downhills, there was a hot wind blowing to us. However, beautiful riding along valley roads surrounded by mountains and along a very beautiful river. I arrived the town at lunchtime, a very nice small mountain town.

Stunning view 

A Vương Hydro Power Plant


Last hill before we enter to town

Arriving Thanh My

Food from Quang Nam region 
Bánh bèo - Bánh xèo - Nem lụi - Mỳ Quảng- Sinh tố- Bánh bao chiên

Kids I met on the way & Matt

 Hoa L

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