Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Day 13 (aka Friday the 13th) A Luoi to P'rao

Good morning , it's Friday the 13th and boy did today live up to it's name. This morning started like every other morning just a little earlier because we had a long very long road ahead of us. I just did not realize how much of challenge today was going to be both physically and mentally. Today, our ride was 105 km with 5 hills with grade 2 and a 10% incline. One hill went on for 7 km with a 10 percent incline and that was torture. Cycling in the mid-day sun trying to get to get to the top to enjoy the fantastic downhill that I heard so much about. We reached the tunnel and were so happy because we made it and took pictures and has I went thru the tunnel making strange vocal sounds just to hear the echo in the tunnel. It was a lot of fun. Has I approached the downhill I braced myself and boy was it a lot of fun.  The downhill was about twenty minutes long with dangerous curves but it was completely amazing. Though it was a challenge that I will never forget I am proud that I succeeded in finishing and didn't give up. I managed to take some amazing pictures. Enjoy. Pictures to come.


you know love me,

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