Saturday, 25 April 2015

Day 17: Khan Duc to Ngoc Hoi

Good morning, Mr Phelps

This morning you will take your team and ride the longest climb of your route on the H2H challenge in addition to taking on the heat of the central highlands of Viet Nam. You’ll be passing by the Lao  border, be mindful of this Frontier area where friendly bandits often frequent and will tempt you with icy beverages. You’ll following the Ho Chi Minh highway passing through the Annamite mountain range to areas of outstanding natural beauty – namely the Dak Glei Ngoc Linh nature reserve and the Dong Amphan National Bio-reserve. Do not let this stunning scenery or the exciting prospect of climbing even higher on Ngoc Linh mountain distract you.  

Finally, watch for the kamikaze butterflies on your downhill slops. They will come at your with zero respect for road safety.

Your team for this mission:
Michael Tatarski, aka ‘Steak’ will be your lead man; he is known for providing false information and hope. While he has a solid sense of direction, he is known for providing inaccurate facts and figures that can easily mislead and provide false hope on your ride. Be prepared for his ‘Donkey Kong’ style antics when you reach the top of hill for he will be rolling cold bottles of Revive down to you.

You’ll also be aided by the singled wheeled Mr Kimber. Kimber has a total disregard for bicycle physics that allows him to ride any bike in any condition. As useful addition for your team given the road conditions.

Your nature man is Chris Gallet. Gallet will defend you and your team from spider attacks along any bathroom stop you have to make.

Ms San-Diep. San Diep is your woman on the scene and has intimate knowledge of local customs and language. Added to this, with the ability to pacify any situation with charm and sophistication is the Lormor and Resparc.

Finally along the frontier area, your heavy hitter is Tat and Damo. Tat is skilled in several forms of martial arts and is your Zen barrier. Damo just intimidates people with his strong Mancunian  background.

As always, if you or any of your team get a puncture, the secretary general (Rolls) will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

This message will self destruct at the end of your ride.

Ngoc Linh mountain. Called the rooftop of southern Viet Nam. Some 2,598 meters high.

Fun down hills weaving through the mountains

Jack teaching the team how to ride with a busted wheel

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