Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Rock and Roll Circus H2H fundraiser at Cargo, 12th March

What do people enjoy more... good music, alcohol, pizza or giving money to charity? Who cares. The Rock and Roll Circus H2H fundraising event had it all. 

When the doors opened to Cargo, Ho Chi Minh City's biggest club, people swarmed in to listen to the fantastic James and The Van Der Beeks and The Lost Art. Or they came for the delicious Espy pizza.    

Thanks to the bands, Espy, Cargo, the very merry customers and the H2H team, we managed to raise a fantastic 30,200,000VND. Not bad for an excellent night, which I am sure a lot of people probably cannot remember. 

Partying and a late night didn't stop some committed members getting out of bed after only 5 hours sleep to train in an early morning spinning class! Now that's dedication!

Here are a few snaps from the night:  

The lead singer of James and The Van Der Beeks getting the crowd going. 

The lead singer of The Lost Art giving an excellent performance. 

H2H 2015 rider, Mike, enjoying the night with a possible H2H 2016 rider, Thinh.

H2H 2015 rider, Zach, enjoying a beer, which is strange because he never drinks beer. 

Thank you Damian (left) for organising and promoting this fantastic night for H2H at Cargo.

H2H 2015 rider, Thea, and her friend enjoying the bands, pizza and a drink or 5.  

Excellent performance from James and The Van Der Beeks. 

H2H 2015 rider, Keith, and a poor girl that just wants to have a good night.

H2H 2015 rider, Claire (me), and my very generous friend Jemma who has been a dedicated H2H fundraising event attendee.

H2H 2015 rider, Tim, and another charitable H2H fundraising event attendee. 

The crowd at Cargo who all generously donated to the H2H charities. 

H2H riders, Mike and Issac, talking tactics for the ride that is starting in 2 WEEKS!!! 

Best selfie of the night.

H2H 2015 riders, Chris and Bekah. 
Words by Claire Lormor, photos by Chris Rolls and Keith Landberger.

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  1. It was an excellent night! Phan.tas.ti.cal!
    And I need to come up with a new smile *sigh*