Wednesday, 18 March 2015

H2H Goes Spinning

Over the last few weeks California Fitness & Yoga in District 4 has offered twice-weekly spinning classes to the H2H team. This is a great way to train for the ride, especially as setting the resistance high allows you to simulate climbing, which isn't something you can do much of in pancake-flat Saigon. I was only able to make it to the first session, which was my first-ever go at spinning. The hour-long class, set to up-tempo music, is a serious workout, and really takes cardio to the next level. I particularly enjoyed getting out of the saddle for the climbing segments, when you can really feel the burn. I'm not normally a particularly heavy sweater, but within minutes I was soaked, along with everyone else. By the end there were puddles of moisture all over the floor and the bike machines. It seems like everyone enjoyed the class, despite a few grunts of protest when we were told to keep climbing. Everyone did well, although a certain Chris Rolls took a couple of convenient 'breaks' to take these pictures...anyway, big thanks to former H2H rider Jas and Mint for leading the classes, your encouragement and shouting definitely made our legs and lungs stronger.
Looking cool and collected at the start.

Looking decidedly not cool and collected halfway through.
Jas leading the way
Mint leading the way
Thea and Bekah having no problem with spinning
Keith and Rebecca enjoying the pain
Tat doing...something
A nice group pic. Judging by the lack of sweat this must be before the class.
Believe it or not, in two weeks time we will be in Hanoi with just two nights to go before getting on our bikes! The next bit will be very busy as we finish final preparations. I can't speak for the rest of the team, but I can't wait to get started at this point.

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Words by: Mike Tatarski
Photos by: Chris Rolls

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  1. Chris, I don't see you in the picture but I see a lot of pain!! lol Keep up the good work :)