Monday, 29 December 2014

1st Team Social: BOWLING

Thanks to Keith and Jo (although Jo was mysteriously absent) we had our first team social. We went to Diamond Plaza and bowled our socks off! The girls outperformed the boys, although Steak (Mike) did help retain some male pride.

Overall we had a really good turn out but I am sure in the next coming months our socials will hopefully have the full team representing!

Now onto the important stuff:

The best bowler/score (with no pressure): Kieth...although this was in the second game after all the girls left. I think the pressure got to him in the first game as his first score was much lower. But to be fair I also performed terribly in the first game...basically living in the gutter.

The best bowler/score (with all the pressure): Natalie who smashed 109!

The best bowling style: Of course this had to be Chris Gallet (see the picture below) who had a unique style which you really had to see to believe.

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