Tuesday, 23 December 2014

November's Charity Murder Mystery

60 guests - 1 creepy mansion - 1 Victim - Who dunnit?

Saigon Murder Mysteries - my project that I've been working on since August 2014. It was from living in a creepy over sized mansion that led me to running 3 successful mysteries. So for this reason, I decided that it's time to give something back to the community by donating all ticket sales to the Riders of H2H 2015. 

I'm suspecting that not everybody knows what a murder mystery is. So let me sum it up.

60 guests, 1 murder victim and one murderer all socially interacting to guess the murderer. Like a real life game of Clue or Cluedo if you're British.

The night was a great way for new riders to forcefully break the ice by completing tasks given to them on a task sheet of their character.

All guests came as characters that were sent to them before they arrive. Some went all out in costume, some came in smart work wear (which is fine) and 1 person changed gender (which is also fine...)
The truth being told, as the organiser I had a hard time filling female main characters as many of the guests wanted to be a sub character in the plot or found that the flirty personality of their character did not match their own nature. 

The solution?
Beg an actor from the Saigon Players to change gender for the night. 
Photos of this legendary character will follow, but just to pre warn you... 
There's no way these photos can be unseen.

We've had 3 murders at the mansion before. Some where dramatic and some were painful to watch. You can add your own meaning to the work painful. 
The victim on this occasion was Mitch Maverick, a Poker tournament winner about to claim his winnings before being shot dead. 
Victim - Mitch Maverick, a Poker tournament winner shot dead moments before collecting his winnings. 
Thank you to Lucky Dog for providing the catering, complimentary drinks and for your generous donation towards our campaign. Sorry, had to mention them. OK back to the murder.

Meet David, or Sheriff Sam. A general all round nice guy who some describe him as a gentle giant. David works in HR who's job is to interview people everyday. But tonight, interviewing people has just been taken to another level. 

All guests are now suspects and everybody is encouraged to conduct their own investigation into finding the murderer while proving their own innocence. 
Sheriff Sam on the other hand used his positional authority to get information out. 

The following images you are about to see are not for faint hearted. 

Sheriff Sam interrogating a potential suspect

The suspect stood right next to the Victim as the gun shot went off. Was it him?

We warned you that there's no way you can unsee these photos.

Thank you to everybody who attended Murder at Deadwood Saloon. All ticket sales were donated to the riders of H2H equalling a total of US$750.

A great start to the campaign and a pleasure to see so many kind hearted souls on the night. 

For all photos from the night, and details of future murder mysteries visit the Saigon Murder Mysteries' Facebook page. 


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