Sunday, 19 February 2012

Soaking Up a Van Tan

Sunday 19th, most of us should be working a 12 hour shift at work, or suffering a Saturday night induced hangover, instead the H2H team are tackling "Evil Bitch Day II".

The H2H team bar one - I've been signed off for a couple of days with a torn muscle. I can't even say a cycling wound in the aid of the orphans, instead a drunken stumble down a hole - soz fam.

Today I watched from the van as my team mates struggle 104km (20km of which was a constant uphill climb) in the freezing pissing rain. Viewing from my seat in the warmth of the van, leg elevated, wrapped up, listening to ABBA's Greatest hits with Daddy Cuong, with my unshakable feeling of guilt as the team fought through bike malfunctions and old injuries re-arising in the dangerous cycling conditions.

But as ever H2H 2012 prevailed 7 hours, 3 flat tyres, one broken bike and one projectile vomit later and the sun came out to greet us into Ngoc Hoi.

Massive love to all the amazing people that make up the H2H team 2012!!Be back on the road with you asap.


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