Saturday, 18 February 2012

Day 11: Huecation time.

It's time for a holi-Hue...
There's a long Hue to go...
Time to get Huested...
Looking forward to some Huesty food...

Okay, that's enough.

Day 11 was important for several reasons. Firstly, it represented us leaving the wonderful Blue Hotel and its array of by-the-hour guests and suspect stains. Secondly, it was the final ride before our rest day. Thirdly, everyone was looking forward to finally getting something other than noodles or rice. But most importantly, it was Hawaiian-shirt day.

The ride itself was pretty straightforward and uneventful, although we got a few more bemused looks than normal, particularly when we arrived in the tourist district of Hue. And it was almost as if the sun gods saw our Hawaiian shirts and blessed us with our first real spell of sunshine.

And so it started; a night of gluttony and excess (quick tip: if you've just cycled 80km without eating, don't make your first meal an expensive French restaurant) and a new team member. I don't think Jim knew what hit him when he arrived at about 11pm to a Hawaiian-shirt-wearing rabble who had been drinking since dinner time in celebration of our driver's birthday.

The actual rest day was a much more sober affair, with some of the riders enjoying a bit of pampering.

He's enjoying it really.

Tin enjoying a face massage.

Funny how it's only the boys.

 The other big news in Hue was that our new shirts arrived, all paid for by the lovely people at AB Pro.

Rhona showing off her new shirt.

So, that was the rest. Now for the hard bit...which I realise has already been written about on this blog, because we're a bit late with day 11.

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