Saturday, 11 February 2012

Day 8 in Pictures

Rain and snacks

Dana powering up the hill.

The DHL boys showing us how it's done.

Hanneke embracing the soggy weather.

Phong being very useful.

Tom showing us how a real man fixes a bike.


  1. Maybe one of these years the road between Huong Khe and Dong Le will get paved...but then Day 8 wouldn't be nearly as harrowing and adventurous!

  2. You guys are my heroes! We thought we had it rough going through the mud pits on this day, but you guys have been doing it EVERY DAY. This is going to be the accomplishment of your life so just keep going!! Bingo anyone?? Also, in Dong Hoi, it's a vicious rumor that there is pizza. Don't spend too long hunting for it! And soak up the glory of the Moonlight Hotel, LUXURY LIVING!