Monday, 13 February 2012

Day 10: Honoring the Dead

Today was pretty uneventful (though I did almost have a high-speed incident with a cow), and we're all extremely excited to get to Hue tomorrow, since we will be getting our first rest day there. Today's ride was about 100km, from Dong Hoi to Cam Lo. We've now covered 800km since leaving Hanoi!

The most noteworthy event of the day was our visit Nghia Trang Liet Sy Truong Son, a huge cemetery just off of the Ho Chi Minh Highway on our route. This place is an impressive memorial to the dead of the Vietnam War, or the American War, as it's called here. As an American it certainly felt strange to walk through the thousands of headstones, knowing that my country's military was responsible for most of the deaths. I'm glad we took the opportunity to stop hear though, since it put something of a human face on a group of people usually portrayed as murderous lunatics in movies. I'll let my pictures do the talking from here on out:

Now on to Hue, where our abused muscles will get some well-earned rest!


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