Thursday, 16 February 2012

Day 13: A Luoi to P'Roa

So after a gruelling day we had another tough day, over 100km with two massive climbs in quick succession. Map my ride showed long periods between the hills but after some mega downhills where unfortunately a chicken perished and a rider fell we were straight back up another steep climb. The heat of the morning was replaced by misty mountain tops as we pushed further up and up through some of the most astounding scenery, with barely any traffic interrupting the ride. A proper experience of a day with testing up hill struggles but beautiful views keeping us going all the way. Trials and tribulations of the previous tough day have almost evaporated and spirits are high, let's see what tomorrow has in store.


  1. Congrats team, you've just done the 2 days that last year's ride couldn't do, because of the weather. Big up to you all and mind out for the cows, kids and chickens...

  2. You are over halfway! Congrats on all the money you have raised and kms you have pedaled. Keep the great pics and posts coming....(more!)

    Safe journey,
    Jean Liedl