Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Day 12: Hue to A Luoi

Day 12: Hue to A Luoi

After a well needed rest day in Hue, it was off to our next destination of A Luoi which was 78km away. A few superlatives come to mind when describing today: hottest, hilliest, hardest, longest (time) & most scenic. We knew today we had two big hills to climb and we knew they were going to be hard, but I think it was a shock to most the actual difficulty of it all. It's not a good sign you know you have a 15km hill and your dead tired after the first 200 meters. Your legs are burning, your sweating like you're in a sauna, you reach for your water bottle and realise you have about three sips left. Some people managed to pedal the whole thing, a lot of us had to walk parts. But we all finished! Goal is to walk less tomorrow.


H2H Cycling Jerseys!

Best sign of the day

Don't worry parents, it wasn't that dangerous

View from partway up hill 2

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