Saturday, 27 November 2010

Yes We Can

Twenty-five days down and just two rides to go! After months of anticipation and preparation, November has flown by. The past ten days have been mentally, emotionally, and physically draining. I have never taken on a physical challenge like this, and i was very curious as to how i would react. I shocked myself with my super negative attitude when we reached the mountains. (typically i am very optimistic and cheery) I began each day resolved to the idea that i was not going to be able to finish. Every time i saw a hill i thought i wouldn't make it up. I constantly prayed for flat terrain, and I cursed each time a hill popped into sight. I formulated schemes in my mind that would in some way get me out of my saddle. A few days ago i realized that i have made it up every hill, completed every day, and i never stopped pedaling until the very end. Recognizing this, my addittude immediately took on a much more positive appearance. I stopped cringing at the sight of a climb, and i stopped whining about the constant up and down and up and down. This new attitude has made cycling so much more enjoyable (although i still hate hills). I am proud I was able to ditch my defeatist attitude and exchange it fora tougher more hopeful spirit which suits me much better. This is one of many things i can take away from H2H and carry onto future experiences.


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