Friday, 26 November 2010

Still a ways to go

I agree with Sasha...WHEW. What a day! After a relaxing day reaching Lak and hanging out in our longhouse (with a rat as company), we set out for a 100-plus kilometer ride to Lam Ha. While the mountains may not have been as steep as other days, they were just as long. I'd done my best to prepare the group for today's difficult ride, but my memory isn't quite what I hoped. All of the rides seem to blend together a bit and only after I begin a ride do certain turns and sights trigger what's to come next. That was certainly the case with today.
The day began with moderate difficulty; descents balancing out the ascents. After a devestating climb on a washboard road riders thought they'd made it through the worst of it...only to discover one more massive uphill awaiting them. Fortunately the final 20 kilometers were one of the best downhills we've had thus far. Tomorrow we should have some more nice downhill (IF my memory serves me right!). We all made it by dark with a little help from the vans.
We're so close, but still so far. Three days and about 300 kilometers to go.

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