Thursday, 11 November 2010

wow day nine. only two days till the magical city of hue and we are already seeing signs of civalization. today we left the mountains that we had been in for the past few days and headed back to the coast. upon arriving in town we found the first thing resembling a supermarket in days and quickly ate our fill of ice-cream bars. the day overall was uneventful. a slow descent out of the mountains had us riding the coastal highway after 50k and about another 50k down the coast landed us in dong hoi. there's not much to see in dong hoi but we did go to an expensive almost western restaurant tonight. we have been eating rice and noodles only for over a week and even a bad french fry tasted like gold. two more days till hue and then we have our first rest day. every one is getting really amped.
-colin northcraft

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