Friday, 12 November 2010

bingo champion

Day 1o .... wawaweewa

So today was probably the hardest day so far, was it the never ending hills... was it the the sore butt, that not even the miraculous butt butter can help.... the aching muscles or the two flat tyres ... mmm maybe a combination of them all.

We passed a really beautiful cemetery dedicated to the fallen Vietnamese soldiers of the north. It is really well presented and to show your respects you can light an incense stick and put it next to someones grave. There are 12,000 tombs there alone and its really moving and sad to see all the young men that died.

The group continues to amaze and if anyone needs help or stops with a flat tyre there are always people eager to help. Even if it is an excuse to rest.

Today we were playing h2h bingo. This involves doing 25 caraazy tasks, such as swimming in a river, having a photo in a rice hat, getting a picture of you showing off sexy spandex tan lines.. I am writing to inform the reading population and my fellow h2hers that i have won and am rather excited about claiming my prize tonight. However it has come at a cost, due to my lombardian thirst for winning my excitement to be swimming in a river made me forget that drinking a huge mouthful of the water wouldnt be a good idea.... Thus far the only side effects are that my feet have become webbed, so every cloud really does have a silver lining... Tomorrow is a short 82km ride to Hue and then a well earnt rest day.

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