Friday, 5 November 2010

When Butterflies Attack

Day 3 down....and it was a good day. The morning started more smoothly than previous days. We had a great group stretch in the medivel soccer stadium that was discovered yesterday. We rolled out onto a stretch of rocky road that lasted longer than anyone would have liked. The road tossed riders up, down, and side to side but luckily only caused one flat tire. Next, we cruised down the ho chi minh highway which was the highlight if the day. It was a well paved FLAT road that took us through lush green mountains. Riding on this road was a joy. All of us looked at eachother wishing the entire ride would be just like this 28k stretch. The day was scenic, fast paced, and our longest yet. I reminded myself to enjoy the relative ease of the day as it only gets harder and hillier from here. Next time i decide to ride across a country, i will be sure to select a flat one. This evening town is larger than last nights providing us with internet, an atm, and more than two food options. Going to rest, eat, and rest some more..... We have a long month ahead!!!


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