Saturday, 6 November 2010


I woke up this morning and I said to Chet something like: every day you set out anything can happen. We set off on a flat easy day mostly on Highway 1 towards the beach. I was chugging along, legs sore, but feeling good. I switched into a lower gear as I hit a slight uphill and then CRACK!!! My peddles kept spinning andI knew something was wrong. I pulled to the side of the road to examine the damage. The piece that controls the gears attatched to the back tire, which i now know is the derailer, had cracked off. Of all the problems we planned for and prepared for this is not one of them. The part needs to be replaced and it needs to come from HCMC. Day 4, and I spent most of it in the van GGRRRRRR!!!! Making the best of the situation Colin is going to rig my bike into a single speed which I will be able to ride for the next three days until the parts that Rob (original H2H rider and 2010 organizer) sent up arrive. Tomorrow is flat so it shouldnt be a problem, but i am not sure about the following two. If we hit some major hills it may mean some extra van time for me which i will do everything i can to avoid. I am bummed about the situation but Ill make the best of it as it is just part of the experience. My butt certainly appreciated the rest!!!!


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