Tuesday, 17 November 2009

There's no 'I' in 'team'

We've taken on over 1000 kilometres of Vietnamese highways including, mudslide covered mountains, erratic Vietnamese children and waterbuffalo. We've endured rocky roads, blaring sunshine and lengthy periods of time sitting a top what feels like a wooden stake. We've had many a flat tyre, numerous buckled wheels and several chain/sprocket/derailer problems. There's even been a trip to a hospital.
Nonetheless, our troop, stronger than ever has become a socially and highly organised system. Within our democratic yet strict outfit, one will experience morning warm-up drills (including the infamous Go2 at 4 in the morning dance), group debates (to dicuss issues like who's responsible for not claiming a jar of peanut butter in the minibus or discrepancies with James's team agenda) and a reward system for excellent riders of the day (the Mr Sexy time award) to keep team moral high.
We've also been using our have time to pose for team photos with the toothless dinosaur gurn (see above)

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