Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Day 17- Some more of the Finding Jesus thing...

Today we went up a never-ending mountain. We have yet to figure how, after every reached summit, the hills just kept appearing. Where- or indeed how- does a mountain hide? we wondered.... We're smack bang in the central highlands of Vietnam now so team H2H was treated to our fist bout of cold- I mean, really cold. Finger-gnawing. Mixed responses to this but personally, I love a bit of cold so long as I'm hiding behind a big jumper.

Post 50km mountain however, we reached the valley and the sunshine, and weaved up and down the miniature mounds that brought us to our destination- Plei Kan. The scenery is stunning- the mountains we have conquered now seem so small and spread out into the distance, varying shades of green shining in the sun. Very pretty.

Big shout to Ruth who, after a nasty tumble on the gravel and alarmingly deep wound to the elbow (she's all good so no worries please!) got it all bandaged up and right back onto her bicycle-brave girl if I ever saw one.

Tomorrow, we believe, brings us valleys and so it seems our time of zig-zagging up the hills (much like drunkards, stumbling home from the pub) are coming to a close- for now at least.


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