Thursday, 5 November 2009

Day 4

We set off at 8.30 from Quan Lao to Tinh Gia, the main stretch of the 70km ride was on highway 1, which we are trying to avoid as much as possible as it is a busy truck filled road. It turned out to be not so bad as there was a hard shoulder to cycle along, and not as much traffic as expected.
We were all going along at a good pace, no bike technical difficulties today, so me Rob and James took an extra long break at a roadside cafe to chat to the local school kids, although only one girl was brave enough to talk to us and practice her English. We arrived at Tinh Gia just after midday, our quickest ride yet.

Ruth and Chet found us a bizarre empty hotel on the beach, the staff are thrilled to have us stay with them. Everyone was so excited to be at the beach, we didn't expect to hit the beach so soon but daily changes to the route means that we never know what to expect. So in high spirits and more energy than the other days we spent the afternoon on the beach, eating seafood, sunbathing, baseball, collecting shells and general laziness! Tomorrow we have a 100km ride across the width of the country.
- Sophie

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