Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Less than four weeks!

Wow, less than four weeks to go now! Currently my life is the ride, every waking moment is spent thinking about what i should do, buy, eat, sleep to try to prepare myself for the dreaded mountains

Rob and i are on a different teaching schedule so we have been doing our own rides three times a week, following the same route. I have discovered the joys of night riding, enjoying the quiet roads and cooler temperature.

Last week, as we were cycling along on our brand new racing bikes a Vietnamese boy took us over with a big cheeky grin on his face, that was it- race ON! We continued to play cat and mouse all the way back and i am glad to report that he did have gears on his bike too and WE BEAT HIM! It was great fun and we are now thinking of hiring people to chase along the road as we worked harder that ride than any other!

The rides have not all been fun and games, there has been a lot of wet miserable rainy rides, fly swallowing rides and bumps and bruises rides but i am now used to my bike and feel 100% more confident about the ride than a few weeks ago.

Yesterday Jacinta and I went swimming, why is nothing simple in this country??? After riding around in circles for over an hour we finally found Lam Son pool in Q5, IT WAS CLOSED! The other pool i knew was shut for lunch, so after phoning a friend we found a pool in Q1, bu this time we had been riding for over 2 hours and starving hungry, we manages a leisurely 30 Min's in the pool before heading to Au Park for lunch!


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  1. Go Sophie! Looks like the most incredible adventure out there... If Noah could, he'd come along and be your mascot... But then again, he'd probably just weigh you down. Love and hearty cheers along the way from your long-lost cousin Chloe x