Thursday, 8 October 2009

The First Practice Semi-Triathlon

Yesterday, equipped with water, a bathing suit, and the ubiquitous spandex, Soph and I headed out on our usual bike route with a stop-off at a swimming pool in An Phu District. It was absolutely picture-perfect weather for a ride/swim - slight breeze, "cool," and a blue sky overhead, dotted with non-threatening marshmallow-white cumulous clouds (somewhat of a rarity during the rainy season here).

The water beckoned once we arrived...although our motivation to swim was slightly impeded by thoughts/comments about food (note to self - scarf down a banana next time). However, once the laps (25 for me, not sure how many for Soph) were completed, I enjoyed my meal of Cantonese fried rice just that much more (especially with the heap of onions piled on top), and happily faffed about in/around/next to the pool for the next hour or so.

On the ride back, we attracted a whole CONVOY of starers (which is saying something after all the stares we usually you may already know from previous blog entries) after one guy set a trend by slowing to our speed, maintaining our speed, and then unabashedly gawking for a good ten seconds. At least five other motorbikes followed suit...which made me worry that something was actually amiss on my person...or that I'd missed my calling in the cirque du freak.

However, we got back in one piece and with sanity intact...and I'm very much looking forward to our next outing tomorrow!

- Hilary

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