Monday, 17 April 2017

Day 12: Resting In Hue

OK, so looks like I get the day nothing happened. Well, Hue is a nice place, very pretty, be great to come back here again when the idea of sightseeing doesn’t make my legs wobble. I think we’ll all remember Hue kinda like an oasis of rest: swimming pool, great food, mattresses slightly softer than boards. The breakfast buffet was a welcome surprise, to be sure.
Don’t get me wrong, all the food so far has been great, but two weeks till we see another pizza? Let’s just say I think most of us are making the most of it while we can.

A group of us went to the (one and only) Giant bike store this morning to make any modifications we needed. For me that meant getting an extra bottle holder put on, I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated water so much in my life, and picking up a pair of sports sunnies. Gotta look the part. Below you can see them around my neck. Smoking!
Massages. That’s the other thing some of us did. I’m not going to bother trying to describe how good it was, let’s just say my body has forgiven me for now for making it cycle 967 kilometers.
So yeah, otherwise pretty much just swimming, sleeping, eating, trying to forget for now that we’ve got our two hardest days coming up when we leave, and when we do remember, groaning and wishing we could stay another day. Or ten. Weather has cooled down at least, the heat shouldn’t be such a problem as we climb those mountains in the morning. We enjoyed a nice dinner at a Mexican restaurant as our "final meal" before the climbs we've been warned about begin. Mmm, smoothies.
Oh well, two more weeks to go, and to be honest while I do want to get those mountains out of the way, I’m not looking forward to all of this being over. Time rolls on I guess. Be nice to slow it down, but I suspect by the end it’ll feel like bombing one of those big hills. Huge rush, views that went by too quickly, and over way too fast. 

-- Keith Maxwell

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