Monday, 17 April 2017

Day 10: Cruising Until the Sun Set

Today was the longest ride ever for many of our riders. 115 kilometers, despite being over mostly flat ground, was a challenge.

After quick stretches we head off. Despite being early the temperature rose quickly and so did the frequency of our breaks.
We passed over some lovely countryside with fields of corn and rice stretching towards the horizon. Workers patiently and steadily harvesting were usually quick to return a smile and wave as the strangely bedecked bicyclists flew past.
At one point we found a lovely river, where a quick dip in the midday sun was just what the doctor ordered! 
Of course, nothing makes a break better than a hammock. We dutifully employed any and all we could find.
As the day crept steadily towards dusk my little cabal of riders leisurely wrapped up the final 20 kilometers. The setting sun urged us onwards before darkness set it, but at the same time we wanted to go more slowly to enjoy the views it afforded.
I was quite tired by the time we’d reached our hotel, but I found a restaurant that sounded promising and we headed out for food and drink. We sat next to a Vietnamese girl’s 18st [sic] birthday party. Truly, their selfie game was awe-inspiring. 

--Eli Gaultney

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