Monday, 25 April 2016

Day 21: Ea Drang to Buon Ma Thuot - Sick Day :(

Today we cycled from Ea Drang to Buon Ma Thuot; around 78km all in all. The ride started really rather pleasantly once we got out of the city, with some rolling hills and what remains of the local forest (I’m afraid slash and burn agriculture is quite prevalent in this part of the World). After that it was the best kind of ride in terms of actual cycling; a nice gradual downhill where you can lock-in the top gear and eat up the kilometres. Which was very much a necessity as I will explain later…

Whilst Ea Drang appears not to be a favourite, lacking a bit of character as it does, it did have some rather amazing ice cream and some rather tasty pancakes.

Buon Ma Thuot on the other hand has turned out to be a rather lovely little city. As the capital of the Central Highlands its relatively developed, which means some cool amenities like a fully-loaded supermarket and delicious vegan restaurants. However it still maintains some of the rustic and lovely old-school Vietnamese charm; pleasant locals, low-costs, nice trees. One of our riders, David, who has been in Vietnam the longest, has informed us that its like Saigon back in the 90s! I’m sure it was a very cool place to be, just like BMT is now.

Unfortunately though, my main news for this particular day is that it was my turn to get sick. A rather poo tummy and a troublesome fever kept me bed ridden after we finished the ride. Whilst the 78km were doable, I could feel the ill taking over progressively and was relieved to arrive at the hotel early on. Spent the rest of the day in bed and… well you can probably figure out the rest.

Here’s to recovering before the next ride. We have a rest day tomorrow so I’m sure I will be fine. Watch this space!


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