Thursday, 7 April 2016

Day 5: Tan Ky to Pho Chau (90km)

Today there was a definite move deeper into rural Vietnam.  Riding along the streets were lined with Vietnamese women in conical hats sitting in crops, corn fields as far as the eye could see and, later in the day, tea plantations lined the hills. Road traffic has shifted more from large trucks to herds of cattle and goats.

It was a great ride today but one of the highlight of the day was finding a great hotel. Kate, Davide and Tony did a great job persuading the staff to give us a good rate as we're riding for charity and as a result we've got ourself a luxury hotel with pool, soft mattresses and amazing showers for the evening. We even have fly screens on the windows. This afternoon has been spent floating in the massive pool, drinking nice, cold beverages. Perfect preparation for our relatively easy 53km day tomorrow.

I would like to use this blog to give a special mention to our amazing support crew. This year we have 5 support crew, without which the ride would be much more difficult. Leading the way every day is the DHL van. These 2 guys not only carry out luggage and spare water but also make sure we do t get lost and leave us little markers along the route. From Le Hoang Pro Bike we have Sang and Duc. These guys are so much more than just mechanics. They spend their day on the motorbike running up and down the line, checking everyone is ok, taking photos and passing along messages. Bring up the rear is Mr Cuong. He makes sure no one is left behind but his best characteristic is his laugh. His laugh is infectious and spirits lift when he's around.

Feeling great 5 days into the ride and I think everyone is looking forward to a fairly easy day tomorrow.


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  1. Sang and Duc are with you guys! Awesome! - Chris T. (Minh) h2h 2015