Monday, 4 May 2015

Day 25: Lam Ha to Bao Loc (103km)

Day 25 started with a warm up in the hotel lobby to Gasolina, a 2004 hit with Spanish lyrics by Daddy Yankee.  With confusion on Chris Gallet's face, his first response was...

"Tim, what are they saying?"

Far right: Tim Gomez

We would like our readers to know, that Tim Gomez is from the UK and his heritage is from Guatemala. Not Mexico.

After getting the blood pumping, I decided to set of early from the pack. Not because I was treating H2H as a race but to visit my aunt who lives on the route. She lives in a town called Di Linh, it's exactly 60km into the ride and would be a great place to stop for lunch.

The last time I visited her, she cooked all this for me.
The last time I visited her in 2010

She even fed me.

I know what you're thinking... Look at the size of that gob...

So, I called my sister in law, to call her sister to tell my aunt that I was coming with 16 other hungry riders. 

My aunt is such a humble lady and really enjoys cooking for people. That morning I managed to sprint 60km in just 3 hours. With no break and no regards for any of the graded hills. I just wanted see my lovely aunt and make sure that she was fine with cooking all that food. 

When arriving there at 11am, I learned that there was some miscommunication. One of the sisters was using FaceTime and it mysteriously cut off moments before asking her to cook food. 

Blind panic! 16 hungry riders promised lunch only to learn that there was some miscommunication. Quickly thinking on my feet, I remembered the local town well and recommended a really nice restaurant to all the riders up the road. 

Instead of food, my aunt offered water, Pepsi and Red Bull. God bless her soul, she though that Red Bull is what we needed to get us through the ride. 

My Buddhist teacher was right. 

Compassion, without wisdom, is like a bird trying to fly with only one wing. 

Speaking of wings, Red Bull does not give you wings. Just a giant sugar rush followed by a comedown. 

With Carolyn being able to speak Cantonese to my aunt, the same questions came up. 

How old are you?
Are you married?
Do you want to marry Tat?

Was she really trying to hook me up with Carolyn? Love my aunt. Not the first time she's tried to find me a wife. 
From an early age, I've always made it clear with my mum and aunts.

"I would never let you choose my clothes, let alone my wife." 

Anyway, it was nice for the other riders, to stop by and show their respect for my aunt. Even if it was just brief. Just such a shame that my aunt never got the message in time. She would have loved to have cooked for everyone. 

For future riders, please see below for the location of the restaurant in Di Linh. 

The restaurant is at the end of Di Linh town centre. Just moments after the turning to Phan Thiet. 

It's the largest restaurant in the area

Lots of tour buses stop there and the staff speak English.

Words: Tat
Photos: Chris Tran

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