Saturday, 18 April 2015

Day 10 - Cam Lo to Hue (and a rest day)

Even though everyone was excited to get to Hue for our first rest day, the ride to Hue was hard and not the most enjoyable. It started off with team stretches in our colourful Hawaiian shirts and everyone was in good spirits. However, it started to seriously rain when we left Cam Lo. Our Hawaiian shirts were soon soaked and the spray from the bikes wheels covered them in mud. We all looked pretty horrendous. The weather didn't get any better as we got on Highway 1. We endured tour buses charging down both sides of the roads as well as lorries blasting their horns, all in heavy rain. Large parts of Highway 1 were under construction which did slow us down, especially when we had to get off our bikes and carry them through giant pot holes filled with water.

Spirits were not completely dampened as everyone was determined to get to Hue. On the ride the team did a great job of sticking together, showing great team spirit. When we finally entered Hue everyone noticeably cheered up. We were greeted at the hotel by horrified staff who now had to deal with seventeen wet, muddy and tired cyclists. As our rooms weren't ready we did the only thing you could do in that situation and went swimming in the pool. When our rooms were ready we all showered quickly and headed down to the DMZ bar. Everyone gorged on as much Western food as possible and started drinking. We toured different bars and restaurants for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

This was Hue but after the rest day. Wish it was that sunny before. 

Even though the start of the day was wet and difficult, it was all worth it when arriving in Hue for a well-deserved chill.   

Also sorry for the lack of pictures, it was too rainy and muddy.

Words - Tim Gomez
Pictures - Chris Rolls 

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