Saturday, 11 April 2015

Day 6 - Pho Chau to Huong Khe (54 km)

H2H Injury
We're sorry to announce that H2H rider Bekah Round has fallen off her bicycle, broken her arm and has returned to Saigon for further treatment and recovery. Bekah encountered an uneven patch of road, which sent her to the ground, falling on her shoulder and elbow. She was assisted roadside and taken to hospital for x-rays. Unable to continue, she flew back to Saigon on Thursday 9th and hopes to be ready to welcome the team back to Saigon on 29th April. We are all gutted for Bekah who is such a popular team member and will forever be part of H2H 2015. Bekah is still fundraising for the H2H charities, she has given much to the cause and there's nothing like a donation to lift the spirits and help the healing process, so please support her if you can: Bekah, we wish you all the very best for a full and speedy recovery back in Saigon and we ride on for you.

Day 6 
After 5 blissfully dry days, we woke to persistent rain, which turned our overnight town of Pho Chau into a pool of mud. Our spirits were lifted though by team banh mi and coffee and another rousing warm-up from Tat 'Churchill' Wa Lay. This is the shortest cycling day between Hanoi and Hue so we set off determined to reach Huong Khe by lunchtime. We were again blessed by the stunning scenery, warm hospitality and hundreds of school kids along the way, with many a hello! what's your name? and how are you? as we went. However, due to the weather there was a sense of 'getting the job done' today as riding conditions were definitely challenging. Damo even went for an unexpected swim in a big puddle! It was a day that reminded us how important it is to work as a team and support each other. We arrived caked in mud but our efforts were rewarded by the sight of the Duc Tai 3 Star Hotel, complete with an elevator, decent wifi and same day laundry service - yes! Supported by team mechanic Super Chuong, we all cleaned our filthy bikes and then relaxed by the lake, under the watchful eye of Uncle Ho's statue. For culture night, after last night's Vietnamese gambling game with Chris Tran, tonight Carolyn taught us how to wrestle like a Canadian - a useful life skill for all! We savoured our last night with Bekah before she returns to Saigon and we ride on for her. Thanks for reading and thanks for your support, it makes it all worthwhile:

Words and Photos - Chris Rolls



  1. You guys have some serious spirit. It is so much fun to see the traditions of the early years carried on, and to hear the kinds of people this ride draws in: tenacious, positive, dedicated and fun! Keep your heads up! - Liz, H2H 2010

  2. What a wonderful group! Keep pedaling strong, having impromptu dance parties, and mixing it up with the often strange locals. Positive thoughts to Bekah and the rest of this year's H2H!