Sunday, 5 April 2015

Day 2: Cho Ben to Cam Thuy

Despite another day of sore posteriors, our 20 brave riders set out again on their amazing physical feat, as well as show of heart for our charity partners. Our second day on the road saw us ride from Cho Ben to Cam Thuy with an estimated distance of 76km (84km via vanity distancing by Map My Ride). Our journey brought us through the indescribable beauty of Northern Vietnam, greeting us with a scenic ride through karst mountains, green fields, excited children, and rolling hills (sometimes to the chagrin of our riders). The smoothness and organization afforded by habit started us off with a smooth ride, our H2Hers naturally stratifying into groups based on their speed -
1. Ah, What a nice day to arrive four hours ahead of the stragglers.
2. Whew, what a nice starter hill.
3. Ooooh, let’s grab a photograph on this bridge.
4. Oh no, not another hill.
5. Oh screw it, I’ll walk this part.
6. The scenery from the van is quite nice.

Our group was granted a hitchless day with no punctures, no lost riders, gorgeous weather, and a beautiful hotel stop. Keith also now has the shrewdness to keep attention to where he is going while waving to happy villagers lest he run himself off the road again.

The Mr. Sexy trophy was this night bestowed upon Georges, for managing to arrive at the hotel by lunchtime, a mere four hours ahead of the first aid van. After our team meeting, a pack of voracious football fans descended upon the town in search of a restaurant that might be showing the Manchester vs Liverpool game, usurping the Vietnamese drama watchers and amusing the locals at the same time. With Day 2 at a close, the H2Hers look forward to many more beautiful days, stronger friendships, and safe rides. Bring on Day 3. 

By Carolyn Liow

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