Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Annual Quiz

So, with fundraising well on the way thanks to the Murder Mystery and Justgiving.com pages ( justgiving.com/teams/h2h2015 ) it was time for the annual H2H Pub Quiz, hosted at The Spotted Cow, who are generously sponsoring us $500 for our endeavours.

With minor concerns about how many people would make it due to some sore heads following the ILA Christmas party the night before, we ventured to the top floor to host the quiz to, what turned out to be, a packed Spotted Cow.

6 rounds of 6 questions plus the occasional game followed, including a world travel round by Claire, a round on space by Keith, Isaac's cycling round, Tat's Chuck Norris round, an Oreo race and more.

The "stuff the envelope" round, designed to empty everyone's wallets of spare change in order to win a prize was particularly interesting, with team Go Truck Yourself donating 7,187,500 VND, huge thanks to you guys. Every little helps, and that was more than a little.

The quiz was won by Mr Cuong's Q.T.Z, and more importantly, it emerged the following day that on counting up the money, we raised a fantastic $1,200.

Please visit the justgiving pages to help us reach our target of $45,000 for childrens' charities around Vietnam. A few of us have ours already set up, more to come soon from the rest of the riders. Anything you can give is awesome.

Blog by Keith Landberger

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