Tuesday, 18 November 2014

H2H 2015, ASSEMBLE!!!

After several months of inactivity, it's time to bring the blog back to life as preparations begin for H2H 2015 - set to take place from April 3-29 next year. We already have a full team of 20 riders in place, led by myself and returning rider/organizer/legend Chris Rolls. We are once again supporting five great charities that work to bring education and healthcare to underprivaleged children: SCC, TCI, KOTO, ILACN and Live and Give.

The upcoming ride will feature the biggest changes since H2H began back in 2009. After a rider was seriously injured in an accident on the 2014 ride, we decided to make some overdue changes to the route. Much of the first half of the ride will take place in uncharted territory for H2H, as we've completely moved away from the coast and dangerous Highway 1. Chris and I will be scouting the new route out on motorbikes over the Tet holiday, and we're hoping the changes make for a safer ride.

As for the rest of the team, it consists of the usual majority of ILA teachers, with a handful of exceptions. We are:
1 Mike Tatarski (USA)
2 Chris Rolls (UK)
3 Kim Diep (Australia)
4 Thea Dacke (UK)
5 Bekah Round (UK)
6 Claire Lormor (UK)
7 Rebecca Richardson (UK)
8 Natalie Resparc (USA)
9 Isaac Luchini (Canada)
10 Georges Erhard (UK)
11 Damo Kilroy (UK)
12 Tat Lay (UK)
13 Tim Gomez (UK)
14 Keith Landberger (UK)
15 Chris Gallet (USA)
16 Zach Kester (USA)
17 Jack Kimber (UK)
18 Jeremy Canuto (UK)
19 Jo Oxley (UK)
20 Chris Tran (USA)

Some have already started training for the ride, and our first charity event will take place this Thursday: a Murder Mystery, which should be great fun. Follow this page for more as we gear up for the 2015 ride!

- Mike 'Steak' Tatarski, H2H 2015 co-leader

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