Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Day 9 Dong Le to Dong Hoi

Today the team hit our first century club on the ride! We rode around 115 km from the town of Dong Le to the city of Dong Hoi. With very careful rerouting by Andrea, Paul, Chung, and the drivers, we were able to avoid the dangerous roads of AH1, and it paid off immensely with beautiful Vietnamese countryside scenery and amazing roads.

We set off from Dong Le around 8:30 AM to beautiful weather and optimistic about the long ride ahead of us. The ride started out with more greenery than one could imagine, and this only propelled the team knowing how far we needed to go.

Although it was one of the hotter days we have embarked on so far, we made it to lunch around 11:30 AM with minimal problems. Lunch was one of the better mid-day meals that we have ate so far on the ride, and this helped fuel us up for the second half of the day.

After Lunch, we started on a new route that no previous H2H ride has ever been on, and with plenty of uncertainty, the detour was worth every bit of it. We had a very fulfilling stretch of undulating hills with amazing views ranging from various lakes and farmlands to groves of rubber trees.

No one would have expected that our destination was a beach, but before we knew it, we were in the city of Dong Hoi, which is located right along the coast. The exhaustion of the hot afternoon seemed to melt away as we all rode together along the beautiful seafront towards our hotel.

We arrived to our hotel that was located right across the street from the beach, and to celebrate, the team immediately jumped into the water upon arrival. Little did we know, there was no swimming allowed 100 meters both directions along the beach, yet none of the locals seemed to mind at all. With only a couple of flats throughout the whole day, it was an impressive team effort to conquer our first 100 km + day!

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