Friday, 11 April 2014

Day 7 Pho Chau to Huong Khe: On the road again

Back on the saddle!
The accident outside of Thinh Gia was very eye opening for the team. It was very tragic and unfortunate and has left everybody with a greater perspective about all the risks involved in this ride. Everybody came into this ride aware that there were going to be days where traffic was going to be heavy and construction would be present, but the incident of our rider Becky was completely accidental, unexpected, and so undeserving. It left a couple of our riders very concerned about their own welfare and wellbeing so I’m very sad to say that Kate and Gabriel have decided to return back to Saigon. They both have full support from myself and the team, and have based their decision to return on several other factors other than the accident. In their absence, they plan to see our wonder woman while they make their way back to Hanoi. They will also still be doing as much as they can to raise money for the charities involved.

We lost 3 days of cycling due to the accident, but can make up for one day and extend our arrival back into Saigon on April 30th instead of the 29th. Everybody who was still in Tinh Gia and Hanoi collectively met together in Pho Chau, bypassing the ride to Do Luong and the ride to Pho Chau.

Our next stop was Huong Khe. It was a great day to get back on the road considering what everyone had been through the past few days. It was only a 54 km ride, the road conditions were perfect, and the countryside was very lovely to stare at. I could tell that everyone was doing their best to ride as safe as possible and take the time to tune their minds back in to a positive and happy riding mode. However, each truck horn I heard felt like a knife in my heart having to think of Becky still sitting in the hospital. It’s going to take some more time for those beats not to sting.

We ride for Becky!

Personally, I really needed these nice road conditions to regain my own focus and strength to continue to lead the team home. I have all the confidence in the world that we’re going to make it. Everyone is now so alert and aware with each of our senses heightened. The bonds that have been formed in such a small amount of time are so genuine and incredible especially after how everyone worked together to ensure the best outcome for Becky. There is so much camaraderie, sportsmanship and friendship amongst all of us and we are more determined than ever to complete this and ride in honor of Becky.

The quote of the day: “Sometimes, when tragedy strikes, people give up hope that they can expect anything more from life, when the real quest is finding out what life expects from them.” –Richard Paul Evans

On that note, I have to go join the team at the lake to enjoy a couple of cold ones before the sun sets.

Words by Andrea

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  1. You guys rock. Thinking of Becky and the rest of the team!