Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Day 2: Hoa Binh to Vu Ban

We have now finished day 2 of our bicycle trip. We have travelled from Hanoi, rested up in Hoa Binh, and now are in Vu Ban. The roads we ride are surrounded by mountains. There are a million shades of green. There are countless small towns. Every town we pass is filled with people saying hello. The roads are sometimes bumpy, but so far only a few of our riders have encountered major flat tires problems.

The language barrier is strong, but unless there is money involved, there are generally no problems and only an air of friendliness and smiles exists between rider and rider-watchers.

Things of note:                                                                         

1)      Riding on our way to Hoa Binh, about 60km (40?... 80?) away from Hanoi, there is a small town, a handful of small buildings really- with roadside shops - all selling golf balls. All the balls are neon colored or white.  As one drives up, it appears that everyone is selling neon eggs of uniform shape. It is the first real sign or mention of golf I have witnessed outside of HCMC, and it made me suspect that somewhere hidden deep within these hills and mountains was a factory dedicated to the manufacturing of golf balls. This thought was quickly erased by the appearance of a golf and country club about five kilometers later. I do not have any affection for the sport, but was still tempted to take a break from cycling and golf on the Ho Chi Minh trail.
2)      There are dogs everywhere. They are generally friendly. I think this is a good sign. They look like medium German Shepherd mixes.

3)      The countryside in Vietnam could be said to be the most beautiful in the world. It is only second to Canada. I cant stop comparing this cycling to all the driving I have done in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Northern British Columbia. Never ending jungle-forests and hills. Never ending beauty. It is very exciting.

Ok everyone thanks for reading. Special thanks for donating. 

Much love to all my friends and family. 

Words by Gabe

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  1. Wow, no complaining about the hill at the start of the day? Impressive.